View Full Version : Standalone Eventia/log server crash

2009-06-01, 18:37
I have a stand alone Eventia/log server running on Windows server 2003. The Eventia and the UTM device that it is catching logs for are both R65 HFA30. About once a week or so, the I can no longer log into the Eventia Reporter program on the Eventia server. As a side note, you can't browse the internet either (no, I don't normally surf the web from the log server, I just noticed it as a side effect). No pertinent Windows event logs that I can see.

If I reboot or restart the SVN foundation service and the dependant services, all is fine. I can log in, and the logs are consolidating. I didn't see anything in the release notes for HFA40 addressing this, so before I update the servers or undertake moving the Eventia/log server to a Splat platform, I wanted to know if anybody else has experienced this.


Thank you in advance.

2009-06-22, 01:57
Brian I have seen this for many customers in my time @ CP. I recommend moving to SPLAT and it will work well for you. Almost hands free, PM me if you need more help.

2009-06-22, 10:50
Thank you for replying-you are correct. I switched to Splat for the reporting server and haven't had any problems since.

Good day to ya.