View Full Version : UTM-1 Edge X - Can't Access Network Resources After Resetting

2009-05-28, 10:04
I've been having some trouble setting up my UTM-1 Edge X (v.7.5.48x) after having to reset the device. The device seems to be working fine but I can not access any of the servers after I VPN into the device. The check point client connects without error, I get assigned an IP via Office Mode and I have it set so I can log into the device when connected to the VPN. The only resource on the network I can access is the VPN device, every time I try to ping one of my servers it times out. I can ping the servers and myself from the UTM-1 without a problem and I have persistent routes set up on the server as such:

Persistent Routes:
Network Address Netmask Gateway Address Metric 1

And now I have no idea what else to do. Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance for any help you can get.

2009-05-28, 12:10
Anything in the edge's log?