View Full Version : Rebuild Policy for UTM-1 Appliance on VPN-1 UTM

2009-05-12, 20:47
We currently have a UTM-1 270 Appliance and are building an overall distaster recovery network with the help of a service provider. At the time of our test/disaster, they cannot provide us the same UTM-1 270 Appliance, but can offer us an HP DL360 with the VPN-1 UTM software installed. Is it possible for me to export my UTM-1 Rulebase/Policy for re-installation on the VPN-1 UTM, including the network interface configurations ? I just want to get an idea of how much work is involved in this process, and whether or not I would need to configure the non-appliance based VPN-1 UTM from scratch. Any insight or implementation guides for this would be greatly appreciated.

2009-05-13, 01:52
1. Upgrade_export/import will manage the Check Point configuration cross platform. No issues there.

2. For the OS, the best way to test this is to get a backup from the UTM-1 and run a test restore on the DL360. It's hit and miss whether this will work - I've had some occasions where a restore of different hardware has been fine, and others where it doesn't.

3. It's not really us who should be giving you a DR or implementation plan, it's your service provider. Surely if they're providing the service, they should be the ones proving that their service works?