View Full Version : ideal choice of virtual device in case of sharing the external interface

2009-05-12, 04:41
Hi all,

which is the ideal choice of virtual device in cxase of sharing the external interface.

we have 2 options

virtual router

virtual switch.

with virtual router we will need more public ip addresses for each wrap link connecting the virtual system to the virtual router.

with virtual switch no need for more public ip addresses since they are all are sharing the same interface . and routing between the virtual systems can be easily done .

configuration and simplicity wise i found using the virtual switch more easier and simpler as comapred to virtual router.

can someone advice the best practise or the best choice for the virtual device in case of sharing the external interface.

I would like people to share their experience and choice .



2009-05-12, 09:32
It doesn't sound like your situation requires any additional routing, so I would recommend that you use a switch.

2009-05-12, 10:53
Hi mate in my case i am planning for inter-virtual system routing without requiring to route the traffic by the external internet router.

even if i wanted routing protocol it would be easy with virtual switch since all are in the same network they would easily form neighbourship and with external router.

correct me if i am wrong.