View Full Version : Secure Client weirdness

2006-03-12, 15:27
Wonder if someone can help here if poss?

I have a simple setup

Client---->FW1----->management server
Client IP =
FW1 = &
management server =
Office mode subnet =

The client is windows 2000 running secure client software
The FW1 module is running R55 and policy server

When i connet using secure client and NO office mode the IKE negotiation works fine and i am able to connect to systems within the LAN behind the firewall

When i use office mode - i get the following
Negotation succeeded - tunnel test failed


Logon to policy server failed

What i cant understand is that when i run netstat -na | findstr 18231
i get a SYN_SENT from -->

Of course my private IP wont be able to conect - why is this happening?


2006-03-14, 21:38
I had to put in a rule to allow the tunnel test, check the logs see if it is getting blocked by a rule


2006-03-15, 11:00

Thanks - is this tunnel test TCP 18231?

And how do i place the rule? is it from the assigned office Private IP to the firewall?

Many Thanks