View Full Version : Initial Nokia/Checkpoint R55 Setup Question From Newbie

2006-03-10, 12:21
We have a current setup of Management server to support a Nokia 350 running CP R55. We have recently acquired another Nokia of similar setup to be added to this management server. I am new to this and have been asked to step up to do the initial setup.

I have setup a pc to have web access through the Nokia Voyager to configure the Nokia. This setup is not on the network. I would like to know how I connect a pc to the Nokia to use the CP (Dashboard ?) to do configure the policy. Can somebody please tell me how to do this and what I need to install in the PC ? I have installed the CP R55 in this Nokia using Web access of Voyager but I am lost with all the CP terms and different packages.

Sorry for the newbie questions.