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2009-04-01, 04:21
Hi all,

I have installed SmartPortal R60 on a SmartCenter server. We want to use this tool also for copying the policyfiles (or specific rules) and pasting them in a word or excel document. When logging in into SmartPortal a new window appears with no possibility to select policies and copy paste them into a document. Are there ways to copy paste information from SmartPortal into documents for editing (screenshots are no option, because they can not be edited...)?

Thanks in advance.

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2009-04-01, 09:39
Use Snagit? or use cprules instead of portal.

2009-04-01, 10:10
You could also use the web visualization tool which will export the rulebase out to HTML.

2009-04-02, 02:56
Hi guys,

Thanks for your reply.

So these are my options:
-Web visualization tool
-Snagit (this tool gathers screenshots, and so the output can not be edited in Word or Excel)..

I guess there is no way of retrieving this output via SmartPortal and since SmartPortal was mainly purchased for this goal, I guess I have to make some people unhappy ;-).

Thanks for your help.

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2009-04-02, 11:45
Snagit is more capable then you think, it's more then just a screen dump, it can also grab data as editable data.