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2009-03-30, 10:11
Hello all, I am looking for a few sample shell scripts to asist me in my administration of our edge devices. Specifically I am looking for a script that would probe our devices every so often and email me when it can't communicate with the device. SmartView Monitor seems a little flaky when it comes to monitoring these devices. I have found that after configuring a device (to be deployed at a branch office), and placing it in the box the device still displays an "ok" status. Has anyone ran into this problem? Any other sample scripts would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance!

2009-03-30, 12:55
We have seen this behaviour as well.
Best is to use a standard SNMP tool for checking the remote sites.

2009-04-07, 23:05
The edges support standard MIBs and are pretty simple to monitor with popular tools like WhatsUpGold (for example.)
To find many of the supported OIDs, you can walk: which is the SNMPv2-MIB.
To Walk the UCD MIB use: . This one has CPU counters, etc.
That should get you started.