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2006-03-08, 11:50
VPN clients licencing is very confused with Checkpoint, at least thats my feeling.

What I have observed tested :

- is free and natively supported with VPN-1 Express and VPN-1
- cant support Office mode, it means you cant assign an IP address to your remote client

- is not free but thats not totally sure :
because Secureclient = Securemote + Desktop Security (client side firewall)
- supports office mode
- i can get secureclient working without any licence on VPN-1 Express, I dont use Policy Server so clients dont receive any policy, in other words I only use the encryption feature.

Question is : do we need to purchase licences for secureclient if we dont use policy server and Desktop security.
Do I need to pay only for the office mode feature !!!

Usually no-free feature dont works on checkpoint if u have not the licence, in this case it works, very strange ...

thanks for ur help

2006-04-12, 16:48
Hi philuxe,

the main difference between SecuRemote and SecureClient is really the licensing scheme. If you want to use SecuRemote you donīt need to purchase any other license to the gateway.

In other hand, SecureClient must have a separate licence number.

My question is: why do you want to use SecureClient? If you want to you Office Mode, you gonna need to purchase this aditional licence even if you donīt use the other features... There's no free lunch....


2006-04-13, 09:37
Just to add to this. If you are using secure Client but are not connecting to a policy server, it will work as SecuRemote and you can use it without any licence.

2006-04-15, 08:59
Although SC will work currently w/o a license, one is legally required.

Also expect to see license enforcement soon.