View Full Version : Send Logs When Buffer Is Full

2009-03-10, 10:35
Diangostics in the VPN-1 Edge shows an option "Send Logs When Buffer Is Full" and it is disabled. Anyone knows how to enable this option?

I have some (centrally managed) Edges which sometimes give a message "Missed logs (buffer was full)" or should I just lower the time before log sending?

2009-03-10, 12:03
Ran into this issue once myself with an Edge, similar issue but can't remember what option it was that I was looking for.

Does the Edge participate in VPN? If so I would remove the device from the VPN and check to see if the option is configurable, I may be wrong but it worked for me.

2009-03-12, 14:18
The Edges are in a VPN, yes. But also configuring a new clean Edge, this option doesn't exist in the WebGUI, it's only mentioned in the Diagnostics.