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2009-03-08, 08:56
In the official QOS Administration Guide for NGX R65 on page 99 there is mention of "minimal delay" in point 4.

If no burstiness is detected, the minimal delay of the class should be no
smaller than:
3 x packet size
bit rate

This enables three packets to be held in the queue before drops can occur.
(Note again that the bit rate should represent a single application, even if
you set the Constant Bit Rate of the class to accommodate multiple
If burstiness is detected, set the minimal delay of the class to be at least:

(burst size + 1) x packet size
bit rate

What exactly is meant by minimal delay?
When we are already defining a max delay limit then where does minimal delay helps us?


2009-04-01, 20:01
To all Check Point Pro's out there.... prove your mettle.... answer this post....... if you can ;)