View Full Version : Upgrading to new appliances-Any advice???

2009-03-05, 14:19
Currently I am running R62 on 2 Nokia IP380's using IPSO clustering. Lately, we've noticed that this combo is having a hard time processing traffic. The CPU outputs in SVM are running at around 45%, on average. At times, during peak hours, they run at around 65-70%.

I've just been give the OK to upgrade these to two new beefier appliances as well as adding R65. We currently use our R62 platrform for just firewalls but I would like to start using the SSL VPN piece of the software.

Any Suggestions on appliances????

2009-03-05, 20:09
The IP380 is getting a bit long in the tooth. If you want to stay with Nokia, an IP690 would likely be a nice replacement. Same form factor, a bit better in the speed department and should handle R65 ok.

2009-03-05, 20:25
An IP380 maps to a UTM-1 3070, the IP690 maps to either an IAS M2 or a Power-1 5070.

I would think the 3070 would be a good place but if you have the cash the 5070 will give you a lot of head room.

2009-03-05, 20:33
I guess we're competing for sales right up till the bitter end, eh ChillyJim? ;)

2009-03-06, 00:03
He did post in the UTM-1 forum after all :)

2009-03-06, 02:26
Good point. Still have to do my bit to get a couple more "Nokia" appliances sold ;)