View Full Version : Exporting Smartdefense

2009-03-04, 13:49
I am currently in the middle of upgrading from NG AI R55 Cluster running on Windows to NGX R65 running on SPLAT (MGT on Windows). I have completed testing the Import \ Export Utility. Now what i need to do is compare the Smart Defense settings to verify if they were, infact, brought "In" Properly. We used to be able to print Smart Defense using WebVisualization. This is no longer true. And CP Tech says they dont do it anymore - Why - I have no idea. Does anybody know of any 3rd party utility that will export Smartdefense Setting to a printable \ Human Readable format. I have already looked at CPRules and it a no go. Please respond if you have anything

2009-03-22, 19:31
I don't know if this is still an issue for you.

You should open both gui's side by side, and gain a focused mind to check each protection.

I'm sorry.