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2009-03-03, 07:28
I am trying to set up a site which is unable to get a phone line access to our corporate network using a 3g router (A vigor 2910). The site has to come in via a Checkpoint NGX firewall and i am not really sure how to set this up. I have browsed this forum and found the VPN and Lan to Lan settings for the Vigor router and the checkpoint firewall however i have'nt been able to get it working (we already have 3 VPN sites however they have static ip addresses)

I know there are two main issues here, 1 the ip address assigned to the Vigor router by the 3G provider (Vodafone) is a private address (i can see the public ip address when i use whatismyip.com) and 2, the address changes every time the router is rebooted, however, i need to make sure this is not possible before i give up on the 3g solution. Has anyone any ideas? Someone suggested using the DNS address when configuring the firewall, however it appears vodafone use several DNS addresses so again, i'm not sure if that'll work. Any suggestion will be useful.


2009-03-03, 09:07
Get a VPN-1 Edge Device with 3G modem support. The cost you spend getting this will more than cover the time,effort and pain you'll go through trying to make that work.

Plus you'll get a proper FW and management solution for your remote site!

2009-03-03, 14:12
What I'm not sure will be solved by the VPN-1 Edge device with 3G modem support is the private IP problem (i.e. getting a Private IP allocated by the mobile operator). However, if the EDGE device functions like SecuRemote does (and my past experience suggests this is the case), then it should work ok.

2009-03-03, 14:31
We have successfully used Edge boxes behind UMTS modems/routers. You will need to make sure you get a flat fee 3G card and configure Permanent tunnels (1 per gateway pair) when you want to be able to reach anything from the central location to the remote site.