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2006-03-02, 13:02
Hi All;

I have SecuRemote 6.0 installed on WINXP pro, I am able to to connect to the remote network and able to login into the remote CP VPN. However I can not do any thing becasue I do not get an IP address so they drop all packets coming from my side. my first question is, why don't I get an IP address from CP VPN? I contacted the admin on the remote side and they are telling me the problem is on my side becasue my ScurRemote is not getting an IP address and I need to look into my config. There is no config to look at, the client is done in a way, I can not chnage any config.
Can someone shed some light as of why my client not getting an IP address?
Is there any documentation of how to configure the client?
is there any updates I need to apply to the client?

your help is needed
Thank you,

2006-03-02, 14:14
If you're referring to the feature where an internal IP address from inside your organisation is assigned to your client when connecting then you're lookin for something called Office Mode (you'd need to check a box on your client install).

However, Check Point has one install package that can be used to install it's VPN client in 2 different modes: SecuRemote (basic), which does not support Office Mode and Secure Client, which does.

It's possible that you have SecuRemote installed, which will have the Office Mode option greyed-out.

Firstly can you right-click on the key icon in the bottom hand corner of the tray, then Help > About to see which version of the VPN client you're running.

If you're using Secure Client you should be able to go into settings (haven't got a client install to hand) and be able modify the site / options to select Office Mode, that is if the install is not locked down.