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  1. This new forum for feedback, suggestions and requests to Check Point
  2. SmartDashboard versions - One that does it all
  3. Multiple remote access communities
  4. An easy way to disable select implied rules
  5. Allow the Edge SSL certificate to be replaced
  6. Please give us downloadable NGX wrappers
  7. search service properties
  8. HFA should check free space disk
  9. Better testing of read-only access
  10. Checkpoint in a box
  11. Need a version roadmap with end-of-support dates and a simplification of the products
  12. Need SSL termination on the external interface
  13. EIGRP support and passive mode
  14. Check Point to Acquire NFR Security
  15. DNS and Checkpoint
  16. Basic and Advanced
  17. Check Point R65 in open EA
  18. smartdashboard help
  19. Internet Explorer 7 and Secure Platform
  20. Overlapping with SecureClient
  21. Feedback Required: Policy and Objects migration/merge functions
  22. U.S govt new dst policy
  23. R65 SmartConsole
  24. Workflow or something for policy installation
  25. Connecting to CheckPoint FW1 from a FreeBSD client host
  26. Anti-Virus signatures update times
  27. custom log queries and CLM
  28. slow HTTP from LAN behind firewalls
  29. ClusterXL should share complete config
  30. Throughput Information Request ASAP!!! Thank you
  31. Best Practice Config Docs
  32. tool to for generate virtual MAC
  33. user comment / real name for P-1 admin
  34. dynamic token
  35. Trial Software
  36. RSS Feed
  37. DCE-RPC UUID's and Policy Verification
  38. Customer Based Updates
  39. Next business day?
  40. GUI improvements
  41. User Center Feedback
  42. Anyone have an idea about this message ''no machine eligible for policy installation"
  43. rudeness checkpoint support
  44. Next generation firewall features
  45. Port Knocking for Secure Access?
  46. Deleting old active packages from IPSO running security gateway
  47. SecureXL shows disabled From Rule #113 but rule does not exist
  48. Usercenter - when it will it work?
  49. Backup procedures.....so sick of the "hacks"
  50. QoS & Date / Time Operation
  51. Appliance slot map
  52. Inconsistency switching between VSX contexts
  53. SAM rule expiration sorting