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  1. How Do I Use This Firewall-1/VPN-1 FAQ?
  2. Why did the FireWall-1 FAQs on phoneboy.com move to cpug.org?
  3. Known Issues After We Moved The FAQ
  4. Forum looks like complete mess after last update
  5. I'm Making Daily Improvements To The Discussion Board
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  7. Old FAQ from Phoneboy?
  8. Mailing list like interface? Or how to follow all discussions?
  9. reply button, SD command injection.
  10. Better coverage by Google
  11. Checkpoint NGX Chat
  12. I may not post to Certification bit
  13. How did I become Senior member?
  14. Our New Check Point Bugs and Feature Request Project
  15. This Discussion Board Now Offers A RSS Feed!
  16. The text is too long. Please shorten it.
  17. What Are Your Recommendations for "Best Practices"?
  18. No sense of humour
  19. New Check Point Product Name Generator!
  20. RSS Feed capable?
  21. Would Anyone At Check Point Israel Like To Meet With Me While I'm There?
  22. General Observations
  23. About Spam and Advertising on this board
  24. CPUG.org Just Set A New Traffic Record!
  25. Some Analysis of the CPUG Traffic
  26. I Recently Visited With Check Point in Tel Aviv
  27. Some server maintenance
  28. Recent cpug.org outages
  29. Updated Check Point Resources Page
  30. Reporting broken post
  31. Broken post?
  32. search on the forum
  33. CPUG DB Issues?
  34. Improved indexing by Google, etc.
  35. Identical forums
  36. If you are thinking of it, pls do not upgrade to 4.0 of Vbulletin
  37. New Traffic Records! (And an Update)
  38. Dates on posts
  39. Would a CPUG VMware Server Farm Be Useful?
  40. Unregistered/Not-Logged-In can now Search without a CAPTCHA
  41. Please Be Diligent About Your Homework and Clarity
  42. Should We Hold a CPUG Conference in India?
  43. Forum Spy
  44. Posting?
  45. Tapatalk plugin for the CPUG forum ?
  46. Web Urbanist Criticizes The Check Point Logo
  47. Vulnerability in 3.8.6
  48. We just set a new traffic record!
  49. Broken Post
  50. Please don't use a Hotmail address for your account here
  51. What?!?
  52. Message Order in a Thread
  53. We've made some improvements to message searching
  54. Has CPUG banned Check Point from the forums?
  55. Is it just me or has this site turned into a Reality TV show?
  56. My Foundation Principles as Discussion Board Administrator
  57. Just completed some maintenance upgrades
  58. Making some changes in direction
  59. Forum Runner Support?
  60. Some downtime today
  61. A Major Upgrade Today
  62. Collapsing groups problem
  63. Massively Increased Size Limits for Attached Files
  64. Should The CPUG Discussion Board Have A Board Of Advisors?
  65. Participation in our community just set another record!
  66. Some minor upgrades today
  67. The Certification Exam Forums Are Now Updated With All Current Information
  68. We've updated the Forum Runner plug-in from version 1.6.2 to version 1.7.1
  69. We've updated the Tapatalk plug-in from version 3.0.1 to version 3.2.0
  70. We've just upgraded the discussion board software to a newer, more secure version
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  72. CPUG Privacy Policy
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  74. CPUG Legal Disclosures
  75. How To Contact CPUG
  76. Some requested minor adjustments
  77. November, 2011 Just Set Another CPUG Traffic Record!
  78. We're now testing HTTPS On This Discussion Board!
  79. Any .htaccess experts out there?
  80. Checkpoint Firewall not generating logs.
  81. Forums for Remote Access R80?
  82. Tapatalk (for mobile users) now updated from 3.9.1 to 3.9.2
  83. It looks like we're going to stay with HTTPS for CPUG.org for good
  84. Tapatalk is now working with HTTPS!
  85. I just added my request for HTTPS support at ForumRunner
  86. We're testing some improvements; let me know if something isn't working properly
  87. Forum Runner is now working properly!
  88. If you've had trouble making a complex post lately...
  89. Tapatalk is now updated to the current version (3.9.4)
  90. Managing multiple Security Cluster from one Security management/one Smartdashboard
  91. Just completed some minor upgrades
  92. R75.10 DMZ
  93. IPSO 6.2 - PBR's Question
  94. Connections per second
  95. R76 (GAiA) - Should I Upgrade ?
  96. Possible Design issue for redundancy
  97. What certificate is being used by the firewall at this moment?
  98. Change Cluster hardware R75.45 No IP change
  99. Congratulations and Thanks to CPUG Members for Civil Discussion!
  100. HTTPS Certificatre Expired for cpug.org
  101. blackhole subnet route
  102. cpug.org does not have a problem with the Heartbleed bug
  103. Apparently "too many links" in a post generates 403 errors
  104. "Forbidden" when attempting to reply to thread
  105. Welcome back!
  106. R77 CCSE section missing
  107. You need 10 posts to be able to reply
  108. www.cpug.org cert expired!
  109. Dynamic routing getting inactive
  110. How do you use this site?
  111. Issues Posting in R80
  112. VPN Client conflict port with email (443)
  113. New Appliances from Check Point
  114. Can I run standalone mode on Checkpoint Appliance with HA License?
  115. Difference between SecureXL and default behavior of firewall
  116. How To Backup and Restore Configuration on Different Platform
  117. NEED GAIA thread
  118. site to site vpn
  119. Barry Stiefel - RIP
  120. Azure checkpoint as http/https proxy
  121. BGP routes showing hidden and inactive on CP 1490 with version R77.20.60