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  1. CPUG European User Conference in Switzerland September 19th - 23rd!
  2. Registration is Open Now for Next Month's Check Point User Conference in Switzerland!
  3. Library of Technical Presentations At CPUG Conferences
  4. Will this be updated anytime soon?
  5. HA Module Not Started when performing upgrade to R75.x on IPSO
  6. CPUG CON Check Point User Conference SeptemberFest in Munich, September 9th-12th.
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  8. CPUGcon 2015
  9. NOT cpugcon, but a step in the right direction (or) Who's going to CPX?
  10. CPUGcon wanted, alive / dead
  11. CPUG at CPX!!!
  12. Books and beers in Amsterdam
  13. Can't login to Checkpoint Management Server GUI thoruh Smartdashboard
  14. Failover in cluster
  15. CPUG MERGE event updates
  16. CPX 2017
  17. Announcing the CPUG Challenge
  18. Gaia R76 Cluster failover logs
  19. CPX 2017 - Milan
  20. Free, EARLY Star Wars: Last Jedi screening
  21. 2018 CPUG Challenge and the return of CPUGcon!