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  1. Script to Parse fw logexport -n Output
  2. Automatic Configuration Script value populated when logging into SecureClient
  3. Sendmail command in cron script in SPLat
  4. Need script to show a count on Rule Hits
  5. Creating/script rules from html
  6. Post Connect Script
  7. Script examples / suggestions
  8. Post Connect Script
  9. Run script at client side after established the VPN connection
  10. How to script route changes
  11. Reading Checkpoint Logs via a shell-script?
  12. Script Kiddie Attack / TCP packet out of state: First packet isn't SYN
  13. Automatically run domain login script
  14. fwm logexport script to find data in specific columns
  15. Script to migrate cma and Smart Centers
  16. Script problems running under cron
  17. Can someone please direct me on creating the following fwlog script
  18. Implicit Rule Denying VB script
  19. Post Connect Script or SDL Question
  20. Script to verify if FW rule exists
  21. Script clish command to run after reboot
  22. Reboot script for UTM-1 2070's
  23. About This New Forum On Scripts And Tools
  24. Sourcing the Check Point environment
  25. Telnet from inside Splat - awk script
  26. SSH login alert by mail on UTM - awk script
  27. Tau: Online Firewall Object Generator
  28. Announcing project MWAG: scripts to manage checkpoint
  29. Updated MWAG scripts
  30. Update MWAG; Added P1 and SC scripts
  31. Inspect Scrip - Limit Maximum Number of sessions per user (per protocol) - Throttling
  32. Clear ARP Cache - SPLAT
  33. Script to Monitor Cluster Over time
  34. Script for specific log message
  35. cati template for R65
  36. monitoring vpn tunnels
  37. Checkpoint SSH GUI
  38. need scripts to monitor fw connections
  39. script to monitor fw vrrp
  40. Crafting Probe Packets to test policies
  41. CheckPoint Site to Site VPN Audit automation with “fwm logexport and scripting”
  42. A script to add new policy
  43. how to run a script after connecting with endpoint connect R71?
  44. SecurePlatform bash prompt
  45. A Script to View Bandwidth Usage on Selected Interface
  46. Some Ideas to create/delete/change passwords for vpn users automatically
  47. Update MWAG; Release 1.4
  48. Script for IPSO/VRRP: Switch VRRP-Master > Backup
  49. Cron job some script work some dont
  50. Scripting the config in IPSO/CLISH
  51. Checkpoint debugging tool for windows
  52. modify or delete multiple objects NGX R65
  53. script for web visiualization tool doesnt work as cron job
  54. Finding Unsed Objects from Objects_5_0.C
  55. Export Objects and IP from one Group to another (different NGX) using dbedit/odumper
  56. SecurePlatform Configuration Gathering Script
  57. Solaris interface config script
  58. Solaris route analysis script
  59. Linux / SecurePlatform route analysis script
  60. SecurePlatform - Initial provisioning script
  61. Interface Throughput
  62. CMA Export Script moving to CMAs
  63. put in crontab cpu and memory statistics
  64. Software for monitoring Checkpoint firewalls
  65. Count Security rules hit statistics script
  66. Update MWAG; Release 2.1
  67. Update MWAG; Release 2.2
  68. Help with scripting a flat file with IP's into a dbedit format.
  69. Exporting log files to text and 2GB file limit
  70. disconnect_clients script and Crontab
  71. Remote CPMI CLI client for Linux?
  72. xargs and gzip
  73. DBEdit Resources?
  74. Restore a DB revision from CLI/Script (opposite of 'dbver' command)
  75. Log archive script (Provider-1)
  76. Script to delete unused objects
  77. upgrade_export fail
  78. error
  79. Backups and user persistent data; SecurePlatform vs GAIA
  80. 3rd party analysis/reporting script
  81. IPSO/Splat/Gaia general scripting with example script
  82. dbedit and group with exclusion
  83. Speed up fwm logexport
  84. cp_merge, merging database contaning objects with equal names but different values
  85. vpn tu scripting
  86. dbedit scripting --- help
  87. dbedit to create and modify cluster interfaces
  88. Export some logs
  89. Archive LOG Files and Copy to SFTP Server
  90. dbedit to import a large number of non-contingeous IP hosts
  91. Startup Script
  92. Introducing: Jon's Checkpoint Connectivity Check script!
  93. DShield through fw samp batch script
  94. sendmail won't/stopped sending messages
  95. CPDBL - CP Dynamic block lists
  96. Tool or Script to add new objects
  97. Script for Scheduled Migrate Export
  98. CPDBL - CP Dynamic block lists for R80.10
  99. New import/export tool for > R80
  100. Common Check Point Commands (ccc)
  101. Kill firewall connections