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  1. End of Support for R55
  2. Check Point Release Notification - November 2, 2009
  3. Check Point Release Notification (R65 HFA 40)
  4. Check Point Release Notification - December 8, 2009
  5. R70.20 Suite is now available
  6. Check Point VPN-1 SecureClient NGX R60 HFA3 for Windows 7
  7. R65 HFA70 Now in EA
  8. Endpoint Security R73 Now Available
  9. R65 HFA_70 is GA
  10. New IPSO 4.2 and IPSO 6.2 to support R65 HFA_70
  11. Looks like R70.30 was released GA
  12. R71 availablity
  13. Full Disk Encryption 3.3 for Mac has been released!
  14. Security Gateway/SmartCenter/Provider-1 R71 Now Available
  15. UTM-1 EDGE N and Safe@Office N Appliances
  16. Abra is now officially GA
  17. DLP Blade Now Available for Open Servers
  18. VSX R67 Release for Open Servers
  19. VSX R65 HFA_20 Release
  20. 2010-05-18 Check Point Release Notification
  21. 2010-04-12 Check Point Release Notification
  22. Security Gateway VE - "Avatar" Early Availability Program
  23. ZoneAlarm Free Firewall now Community-Powered!
  24. Discovery VPN Client is now Public EA
  25. IPSO 4.2 MR9 Public EA
  26. Secure Client for Mac OS X Snow Leopard now available
  27. Multi-Domain Management software blades
  28. Security Gateway R70.40 Released
  29. Endpoint Security R73 HFA1 is Public EA!
  30. Check Point SecureConnect for iPhone
  31. R70.40 Release Notification
  32. R71.20 is Now in EA
  33. IPSO 4.2 MR9 (Build 111) Now Available
  34. R71.10 DLP is now available
  35. DMU 1.4 Released
  36. R71 Security Gateway Virtual Edition Available
  37. Endpoint Security VPN R75 for Windows (SecureClient Next Generation)
  38. Announcing Abra R70.1
  39. Check Point R71.20 now GA
  40. Announcing the Mobile Access Software Blade
  41. R71.30 is Public EA
  42. R75 available for download..
  43. 2010-03-17 Release Notification
  44. Endpoint Security R80 Available for Download
  45. R71.30 is GA
  46. Security Gateway VE R71.10 GA2 now available
  47. Endpoint Security R73 HFA2 available for download
  48. Endpoint Security VPN R75 HFA1 now in Public EA
  49. Tradional mode rulebase - No longer supported??
  50. 71.30
  51. Check Point R70 R71 R75 Visual Road Map
  52. Endpoint Security R80.10 Now Available
  53. R71.30 Release for Flash-Based IP Appliances
  54. Remote Access Clients E75.10 Now GA!
  55. management server upgrade from R65 to R71
  56. Endpoint Security Full Disk Encryption 7.4.4 EW edition released
  57. R70 R71 R75 Upgrade Path Diagrams
  58. VSX R67.10 is Public EA
  59. Check Point R75.10 is in Public EA
  60. Announcing SocialGuard, the new security solution from ZoneAlarm
  61. Web Visualization Tool for R71.30 and later
  62. Check Point R75.10 is GA
  63. Check Point R67.10 VSX is now GA
  64. Check Point R71.40 is Public EA
  65. Endpoint Security R73 HFA3 released
  66. UTM-1 EDGE/Safe@Office 8.2.42 Now Available
  67. Endpoint Security R80.10 HF2 is now available!
  68. Endpoint Security E80.20 is Now Available
  69. Endpoint Security VPN E75.20 is now in Public EA
  70. R71.40 for the SG80 platform is now GA!
  71. Check Point Mobile for Android is now available for Public EA!
  72. Check Point Support for Mac OS X Lion (10.7)
  73. FDE for Mac 3.3.3 has been released
  74. Check Point R75.20 is now available
  75. SecureClient for Lion (32bit only) is Public EA
  76. SNX for Mac OS X Lion is in Public EA
  77. Check Point R70.50 is currently in Public EA!
  78. SG80 R71.45 is now available!
  79. Remote Access Clients E75.20 is now GA
  80. Check Point Mobile for Android is now GA!
  81. New CP Aplliance Check Point 2200 (4xxx 21xxx..) with more powerfull CPU
  82. Check Point R70.50 is now GA!
  83. SecureClient NG-AI R56 HFA 3 for Mac OS X Lion (10.7) 32-bit
  84. UTM-1 EDGE / Safe@Office 8.2.44 Firmware Released
  85. Endpoint Security E80.30 released
  86. UTM-1 EDGE / Safe@Office 8.2.45 Firmware Released
  87. SSL Network Extender E75 now GA!
  88. Full Disk Encryption for Mac 3.3.5 Now Available
  89. R75.20 Virtual Edition is now in Public EA!
  90. Check Point GO R75 (Formerly Abra) is now GA!
  91. Check Point R75.30 is in Public EA!
  92. Check Point GO R75 HFA1 is now available!
  93. Endpoint Security R80.30 is now available!
  94. Check Point Security Gateways now available on Amazon Web Services
  95. Check Point R75.30 is now GA!
  96. Endpoint Security E80.30 HF01 is available for Public EA
  97. Full Disk Encryption for Mac 3.4 Now Available
  98. Endpoint Security E80.30 HF01 is available!
  99. Endpoint Security VPN E75 for Mac is now Public EA
  100. Endpoint Security VPN E75 has been released for Mac!
  101. Check Point R75.40
  102. Check Point R71.50
  103. Remote Access Clients E75.30 EA1 now available!
  104. Multi-Domain Management (Provider-1) R75.40 with GAiA is now available!
  105. Gaia+ is available
  106. R75.40VS - new GAiA based VSX
  107. Announcing Endpoint Security VPN E75.30 EA2!
  108. Endpoint Security VPN E75.01 has been released for Mac!
  109. R75.45 is in Public EA
  110. R75.40 versus R75.40VS
  111. Remote Access Clients E75.30 EA3 is now available
  112. Check Point R75.45 Released
  113. Check Point R75.46
  114. Check Point R76
  115. User Center v1.2 now available for iOS!
  116. Check Point R75.47 is now available for download!
  117. Check Point R75.20.26 for 600/1100 Appliances
  118. Check Point R77.20
  119. ISOmorphic in R77.20
  120. End of Sale Notice for Safe@Office, UTM-1 EDGE, and SG80
  121. Support for Windows Azure
  122. Check Point R77.20 for 600/1100/1200R
  123. Check Point migrating to SHA-256 based certificates for update services
  124. New Jumbo HFA takes for R77.20 (Take 156) and R77.30 (Take 61) are now available
  125. SmartEvent R80 is Public EA
  126. New 15000 and 23000 Appliances
  127. Check Point Uploader Utility for Windows
  128. SandBlast Agent Now Available
  129. New SMB 700 Security Appliances (730 and 750)
  130. Exchange Point Community
  131. New 1400 (1430/1450 and 1470/1490)
  132. Check Point Packet Injector
  133. New Recommended JHF for R77.30: Take 159
  134. End of Support Notification for R75.*
  135. SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 (Summer 2016)
  136. R77.20.30 for Small and Medium Business Appliances
  137. Latest CPUSE allows manipulation of Legacy CLI installed packages
  138. New Recommended JHF for R77.30: Take 185
  139. R80.10 Public Early Availability
  140. Check Point R77.20.50 for SMB Appliances
  141. Endpoint Security R77.30.03 / E80.65
  142. New GUI Signature Tool for Custom Application Control and URL Filtering applications
  143. R77.30 Take 286: New Jumbo Hotfix GA Release
  144. Blink - Full gateway installation in 5 minutes
  145. Check Point Log Exporter via Syslog
  146. R80.20 Production and Public EA
  147. R80.20.M1 Management Release
  148. Check Point R80.20 is GA